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Web Sudoku's clean and elegant interface has made it the most popular Sudoku website on the Internet. We can provide an interactive Sudoku engine of the same exceptional quality for integration into your site.

Our Sudoku engine is easy to configure and install, and can be customized for your site's requirements:

  • Compatible with PHP 4 or later, Apache or IIS.
  • Clear and comprehensive documentation.
  • Simple translation of all game messages.
  • Precise control over styling in CSS file.

The engine provides daily or weekly puzzles and comes pre-loaded with Sudoku for the first year. Your files are generated, tested and sent within 48 hours of your order.

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For more information, please complete the form. Some frequently asked questions are answered below.

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Please note: The lowest price for our online Sudoku game is $400.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the server requirements?
The engine requires PHP 4 or later on your web server. It has been tested under Apache and Microsoft IIS, on Linux, Windows, BSD, OS X and Sun OS.

How will I receive my online Sudoku game?
Our standard method of delivery is by email, within 48 hours of your order. We create a tar.gz file and send it to the address you specify. This file should be transferred to your web server before decompressing.

How can I customize the Sudoku engine?
We provide a basic front end for the engine which is ready to go. It can be easily customized by inserting HTML code for your branded artwork or advertising. For more control, you can also change the size, fonts and colors of the game by modifying the included CSS file, as explained in the documentation.

How do I purchase more puzzles after the first year?
We can provide a new set of puzzles as a file which is placed on your web server, and which the engine will automatically read. No new configuration is required.

Can I show the same puzzle online and in print?
Yes, we can provide a set of daily or weekly puzzles in both PDF format for printing in your publication, and for use with the engine online. This gives your readers the choice between completing each Sudoku using pencil and paper, or solving it interactively on your website.

Does the engine provide a back archive of puzzles?
Yes, you can configure the number of past puzzles and solutions that can be retrieved.

What options are available for levels and rotation?
You can choose whether a new Sudoku is shown every day or every week, and which levels of difficulty are available each time. The engine can also be configured to show a different level on each day of the week.

Can I purchase static Sudoku puzzles?
Yes, we also provide static Sudoku puzzles for websites or print publications in PDF, GIF, JPEG or plain text formats. Please click here for more information.

If you have any more questions, please contact us using the form above.